The Accommodations Coordinator (AC) at Helias helps all students who struggle to succeed in the classroom. We help a variety of students - from students who have health concerns, students who struggle with organization or test anxiety, as well as students who have specific learning disabilities or have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty.

We all learn differently. Some students learn better when material is presented orally, when they do a hands-on activity, or even if material is presented in written form.  The AC is here to assist with different ideas about how to help students in the areas that they are not as strong. Each student is unique, so what students require from the AC and their teachers is different for each individual.

The AC serves a key role at Helias helping students understand how they learn differently. The AC will help students understand that self-advocacy is how they can overcome any challenges that they might face. Students are encouraged to learn self-advocacy skills and are taught that asking for help is necessary and vital to their success.

Helias provides information on about all students who have been identified either by former teachers or who have a service plan through the public schools, so teachers know what that student might struggle with. The AC also provides ideas on how to modify/accommodate for students in their classes. We believe the more the teacher knows about the students, the better that teacher can be at teaching all types of learners.

The AC provides additional help to teachers by allowing students to have tests read aloud or to review new materials outside of the traditional classroom setting.  In addition, modifications of assignments, quizzes, and tests are a possibility.  Another responsibility of the AC is to find material for students to complete over the same topic but on a level that student can read and comprehend.

Helias’ goal is to provide opportunities and accommodations so that all students can achieve success here at Helias.

For more information, contact Ms. Clingman