Name Department Email Website

Backes, Tim
Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics tbackes@heliascatholic.com

Bell, Victor
Civics, Geography, Asst. Football Coach vbell@heliascatholic.com  

Bockwinkel-Baker, Christina
Religion cbaker@heliascatholic.com  

Bruemmer, Sue
Algebra II A and B, Math Analysis sbruemmer@heliascatholic.com  

Buffington, Josh
Boys Basketball Head Coach jbuffington@heliascatholic.com  

Campbell, Dan
Geography, Civics, Health, Head Softball Coach, Boys Golf Head Coach dcampbell@heliascatholic.com  

Cavanaugh, Hannah
Algebra IA and IB hcavanaugh@heliascatholic.com  

Chisholm, Krizzia
Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, Asst. Soccer Coach kchisholm@heliascatholic.com  

Clingman, Dwayne
Assistant Principal dclingman@heliascatholic.com  

Cooper, Chris
Psychology I & II ccooper@heliascatholic.com  
Cowley, Julia Biology, Physical Science, Dance Team Coach jcowley@heliascatholic.com  

Crider, Jacki
Religion jcrider@heliascatholic.com  

Crider, Sharon
Religion, Drama I & II, Speech and Drama Team scrider@heliascatholic.com  

Dietrich, Sr. Jean
Registrar jdietrich@heliascatholic.com  

Eickmeyer, Ron
English I, English Literature, and Creative Writing reickmeyer@heliascatholic.com  

Emmel, Tom
American Government, AP American History temmel@heliascatholic.com
Fick, Kelly Resource Teacher kfick@heliascatholic.com
Flowers, Mary
Counseling mflowers@heliascatholic.com  
Forck, Jane Fresh Ideas, Cafeteria Manager freshideas@heliascatholic.com  

Fox, Jana
Chorus, Choir, Show Choir, jafox@heliascatholic.com  

Fuemmeler, Kenya
Principal kfuemmeler@heliascatholic.com  
Gaines, Bryant Wrestling Head Coach bgaines@heliascatholic.com  
Gerbes, Lauren Cheerleading Head Coach lgerbes@heliascatholic.com  

Hake, Brad
Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Cross-Country Head Coach, & Track Asst. bhake@heliascatholic.com  
Harris, David Volleyball Head Coach dharris@heliascatholic.com  

Haslag, Laura
Consumer Education, Accounting I & II, Digital Design lhaslag@heliascatholic.com

Heislen, Jan
A+ Coordinator and Counselor jheislen@heliascatholic.com  

Hentges, Chris
Religion, Football Raffle Coordinator chentges@heliascatholic.com  

Hentges, Sandra
Director of Communication and Admissions shentges@heliascatholic.com  

Hunt, Jerica
Art I, II, & III, Sculpture, Independent Art Instruction, jhunt@heliascatholic.com
tim hronickHronick, Tim IT Director thronick@heliascatholic.com  

Jarman, Kathy
English II, Personal Finance, American Literature, Sociology of the Arts kjarman@heliascatholic.com  

Jones, Fr. Stephen
President frjones@heliascatholic.com  

Kempker, Sarah
English II skempker@heliascatholic.com  
Kampeter, Staci School Nurse skampeter@heliascatholic.com  

Lamb, Joyce
Geometry, Algebra II A jlamb@heliascatholic.com  
Lepper, Alan Girls Basketball Head Coach alepper@heliascatholic.com  

Malmstrom, Chip
Outdoor Education cmalmstrom@heliascatholic.com  

Mathes, Dan
Counseling, Girls Golf Head Coach dmathes@heliascatholic.com  

Mayhan, Dr. Collin
Chemistry, Chemistry II, AP Chemistry cmayhan@heliascatholic.com
Hebenheimer, Jay Boys Soccer Head Coach jhebenheimer@heliascatholic.com  

Muessig, Darlene
Director of Finance dmuessig@heliascatholic.com  

Noonan, Denise
Great Books/Essay, Great Books/Research Paper, American Literature dnoonan@heliascatholic.com

Oliver, Michelle
Librarian, Media Specialist, moliver@heliascatholic.com

Ordway, Mark
Psychology I & II, American History, US at War, World Issues, Asst. Track and Field, Asst. Girls Basketball mordway@heliascatholic.com

Pickering, Jeff
World History, Asst. Football jpickering@heliascatholic.com
Plank, Matthew Spanish mplank@heliascatholic.com  

Quinn, Maureen
Campus Minister mgquinn@heliascatholic.com  

Rehagen, Mark
Latin I, II & III, Religion mrehagen@heliascatholic.com  

Reed, Nick
Spanish II, Religion nreed@heliascatholic.com  

Reinsch, Travis
Director of Facilities treinsch@heliascatholic.com

Rockers, Melissa
Science mrockers@heliascatholic.com

Rockers, Susie
Athletic Secretary, Health Records srockers@heliascatholic.com  

Rogers, Peggy
School Secretary progers@heliascatholic.com  

Rulo, Tim
Leadership, Strength Training & Conditioning, Football Head Coach, Track and Field Head Coach trulo@heliascatholic.com  

Schonhoff, Br. Steven
Religion bsteven@heliascatholic.com  

Seifert, Pat
AP English pseifert@heliascatholic.com

Shimkus, Margaret
Word Processing, Computer Application, Digital Technology, Intro to Business, Business Law, Head Tennis Coach mshimkus@heliascatholic.com  
Hannah SmithSmith, Hannah French I, II, III, IV (AP), V(AP) hsmith@heliascatholic.com  

Smyth, Tom
Director of Bands, Intro to Music, Director of Bands Immaculate Conception School, Interparish Band tsmyth@heliascatholic.com  
Surmeier, Kathryn Spanish ksurmeier@heliascatholic.com  
Tichelkamp, Gary IT Specialist gtichelkamp@heliascatholic.com  

Elizabeth Twyman
Accomodations Coordinator, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Student Council Advisor etwyman@heliascatholic.com  

Vanderfeltz, Joan
SADERShop, Lunch Payments jvanderfeltz@heliascatholic.com  
josh varnerVarner, Josh Social/Emotional Counselor, Asst. Football Coach jvarner@heliascatholic.com  

Verslues, Leslie
Accelerated Pre-Cal, AP Calculus, Asst. Track & Field lverslues@heliascatholic.com

Viviano, Fr. Anthony
Chaplain frviviano@heliascatholic.com  

Vossen, Ron
Design and Construction I, II, & III, Theater Design, Mechanical Drawing and  Lifetime Skills for the 21st Century.

Production Manager, Set Design and Construction for Spring Musicals

Wieberg, Jessica
Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine jwieberg@heliascatholic.com


Wiggans, Garrett Administrative Assistant gwiggans@heliascatholic.com


Wilson, Steve

Biology, Basic Biology, Environmental Science, Zoology swilson@heliascatholic.com

Wisch, Stephen
English 1 & English IV, Asst. Football swisch@heliascatholic.com

Woehrer, Christina
Pre-Cal, College Algebra and AP Economics cwoehrer@heliascatholic.com

Wyrick, Chris
Physical Education, Health, Lifetime Sports, Baseball Head Coach, Asst. Softball cwyrick@heliascatholic.com