The Practical Arts Department focuses instruction so that students will:

  • Exercise creativity in the production of works in the area of design, graphic/computer design.
  • Manifest a proficiency in the use of tools, technology, and materials related to the particular area of study.
  • The Practical Arts Department includes courses in Theatre, Drafting Design, Sports Medicine, Driver’s Education, Life Skills, and Leadership.
  • Requirements for graduation are 1 credit in Practical Arts.

1301 Theater Design/Construction
(Grades 11-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Signature of the Design I Instructor
This course explores both the design and the construction aspects of theater sets. The students help with the actual design and construction of the sets for any theater productions that take place during the semester this course is taught.

1302 Design/Construction I
(Grades 10-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Purchase Design and Construction Drafting Kit from school bookstore

Design and Construction I is an introduction to the fields of architecture. Information is given by the instructor to help students design and draw a set of working drawings for residential homes.

1303 Design/Construction II

(Grades 10-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Design/Construction I and Instructor's approval. Purchase Design and Construction Drafting Kit from school bookstore

The students will continue in the field of architecture, but more emphasis will be placed on design problems. Besides residential designs, other areas studied will be commercial designs as well as professional building designs and materials.

1304 Mechanical Drawing
(Grade 11 -12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Instructor's approval/Purchase Mechanical Drawing Drafting Kit from school bookstore

Mechanical Drawing is a good fundamental study of multi-view drawing, isometric projection, auxiliary views, and section drawings. It will enable the student to develop good drafting techniques along with the basic knowledge needed for one who plans to go into drafting or engineering.

1305 Design/Construction III
(Grades 11-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Design and Construction I and II/Instructor's approval/Purchase Design and Construction Drafting Kit from school bookstore
The student will continue to study the field of residential architecture with emphasis on size problems and creativity.  The students will also be researching the cost of building materials, cabinets, doors, windows, appliances, fixtures, and more.

1306 Life Skills for the 21st Century
(Grade 11-12; 1 semester, .5 credit)
Prerequisite: none
Life Skills for the 21st Century is the study and management of the real-life skills for young adults. Topics include handling finances, character building, communication skills, time management, cooking/nutrition, house and car ownership and maintenance, and community involvement. This course will help prepare students for independent living, college, and the work world. 

1606 Sports Medicine
(Grades 11-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: None

This one semester course examines the many aspects related to sports medicine. It begins by exploring the history of sports medicine and the role of the athletic trainer. The course will examine the many kinds of athletic injuries and methods used to prevent injuries. Students will understand the anatomy and mechanism of injury for the most common areas in athletics, including the critically injured. Students will also learn taping and rehabilitation techniques for various athletic injuries. The class will utilize interactive discussions, lecture, and practical labs to master these sports medicine skills.

1603 Driver’s Education (Summer option)
(No grade restriction; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: Must be 15-years-old

Driver education is designed to acquaint the potential driver with the responsibility they are about to undertake, including the rules and regulations affecting the driver and the ability to maneuver a vehicle in a variety of traffic situations.  Emphasis is placed on making mature, responsible, and safe decisions concerning the operation of a motor vehicle.  The course will consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction, with the remainder of the semester spent in actual driving time.  Students may take this class after they turn fifteen and have their Instruction Permit.  Students will be asked to drive one hour per week outside of class time.

0099 Leadership
(Grades 10-12; 1 semester; .5 credit)
Prerequisite: None
Dual Credit through Drury University

Students will learn the fundamental principles of leadership, ethics, and critical thinking. Students should gain an understanding of themselves and how they might collaborate and interact with, and lead others. Students should gain experience in making arguments and presenting their positions verbally and in writing. This course will equip students with the tools necessary to see the symbiotic relationship between leadership, personal ethical reasoning, and critical thinking, thus giving them the tools to effectively lead while in high school and beyond.