Service Opportunitites

As followers of Jesus, students are encouraged to develop attitudes and practice of service as a way of life.  Students at are expected to complete 50 hours of service as a requirement for graduation from Helias Catholic High School.  These hours should be submitted by the end of the first semester of a student’s senior year. (By November 1 for those students who will graduate at the end of first semester.)  New students may begin accumulating service hours after graduation from eighth grade.  Students who transfer to Helias from another high school will have their service requirement pro-rated. 

Groups or organizations which need student assistance with events can send information about these service opportunities to the Campus Ministry office.  (Mrs. Maureen Quinn– 635-6139)  These opportunities will be announced at school as well as posted on the service bulletin board outside the Campus Ministry Office.

General Guidelines for Service

  • Service Hours can be at Helias sponsored events, projects or events at local parishes, schools or the Diocese of Jefferson City, as well as for non-profit organizations.   
  • Service hours will not normally be given for service to family members, neighbors, or other individuals.  (babysitting, yard work, cleaning a parent’s office, etc.)
  • Volunteering at local daycare centers is generally not approved for service hours as these are for profit businesses.  However, volunteering at the Special Learning Center and the Jefferson City Day Care are exceptions as they are non-profit agencies. 
  • Students who take the Social Justice - Christian Service class for credit cannot use the hours they volunteer for this class as part of their service requirement. 
  • Students who are earning hours toward their Eagle Scout badge or who will earn a letter for managing a sports team cannot use these hours of service toward the graduation requirement. 

Recording of Completed Service

Students are responsible for completing and turning in a service hour report form at the school office.  Service hour forms are available at the Campus Ministry office or click here.   Students are encouraged to complete and turn in a form for service each school year – do not wait until your senior year to turn in hours.  If an incomplete form is submitted it may be returned to the student to complete before credit will be given for service.  While the forms which students submit are kept on file in their academic files, students are encouraged to also keep a personal copy of their service hours. 

Special Recognition of Service

Recognition is given to those students who excel in service during the annual Awards Assembly.  Special Recognition is given for: 

  • Students who perform 100 hours or more of service during an academic year.
  • Students who perform more than 500 hours of accumulated service over 4 years. 

“Volunteer Etiquette and Conduct”

  • Always, always, ALWAYS call at least one day before you go to volunteer at an agency whether you are going on your own, with a group or in response to a notice on the Crusader Service Stop bulletin board.  The agency needs to know you are coming so they can have work ready for you as well as any instruction or direction you will need.  If you do not phone ahead, the agency has every right to say they have nothing for you to do and turn you away.
  • Be aware of your dress.  Consider the Helias Catholic High School handbook as a guide.  Wear uniform or similar type clothes when volunteering at agencies.  When doing manual labor or potential outdoor work, use dress down rules from handbook (jeans and tennis shoes no holes.)  Be modest in your dress as you are when here at school
  • Many businesses and agencies require a dress code.  Know what these are and adhere to the code
  • Know that you may be dealing with sensitive or even confidential information.  Use tact and keep the confidence of the responsibilities entrusted to you as a volunteer.
  • Follow any rules or codes of conduct put forth by the agency as well as the virtues and morals taught you here at Helias Catholic High School
  • If you need your cell phone, do not be rude and make a phone call just anywhere.  Excuse yourself to make the call and let the person in charge know that you need to do so.  Do not text your friends and be having a conversation while working as a volunteer.  It is rude and ill-mannered.  Keep your attention and focus on your volunteer job.
  • Please leave your ipod or musical devices at home.   There is no reason to have the distraction of having your ears plugged up.  It makes communicating information and directions to you difficult.  If you need music because you are shredding, or filing or copying, ask if having a radio would be permissible.
  • Remember you are here to primarily work not to visit and socialize with friends.  Make sure you are an asset in your volunteering not a distraction.

Logging of Hours

  • Record of hours will be kept with academic records in the Business Office.
  • Hours will only be recorded if the service hour sheet is filled out correctly.  Any missing information will be sent back for the student to provide.
  • While the school will have a list of hours with academic records, it is expected the students keep a copy and track of their service hours completed.
  • Failure to meet requirements will result in withholding of graduation diploma, transcripts and possible even walking at graduation until hours are completed.


  • Babysitting does not count (unless it is for church function, school meeting, single parent in need to be able to work.)
  • Not being paid for your usual paid job does not count as service hours. 
  • Taking the senior Christian Service class does not count towards this service hour requirement. 
  • Service hours for family members or neighbors do not count, unless with prior approval and signature or email confirmation from the campus minister and this signature or email must be attached to service sheet.  Reasoning comes from Matthew 5:46 – 48 
  • Service hours will not be granted if the organization or company is in business to make money, to turn a profit.  For example volunteering at Wal-mart as opposed to volunteering at the Samaritan Center, volunteering to work at family business as oppose to serving at Vitae Caring Foundation Dinner, moving equipment for a local business as opposed to moving furniture for Refugee Services.
  • Not being paid for your usual paid job does not count as service hours. 
  • Cleaning mom or dad’s offices will not count for service hours.  Working at parents’ business is not service.  Exception would be if your parent is a teacher or works at a non-profit agency.


It is high time the ideal of success should be replaced with the ideal of service. - Albert Einstein..